Travelers Guide to a Coastal Carolina College Visit

Attending college in a coastal town would be awesome.


At least for Coastal Carolina University students that’s the case. There are so many ways for prospective students to get a feel for their home away from home. Here’s what to consider if you’re looking at Chanticleers Country.

1. Tour the Campus

Some visits are a quick presentation and walk through campus. Others involve an overnight stay. Schedule a visit so you can attend a class, meet with a professor, or attend a sports practice.


PRO TIP: Try the dining hall. And check out nearby CINO Grille, The Coop Bar & Grill, and Tongy’s Shmack House.

2. Watch for the Things You Find Meaningful

If a school has the potential to be the No. 1 choice, it should meet criteria for key categories, such as:

  • Campus/facilities: Do they have what you need onsite?
  • Classes: How is the department in your area of study?
  • Dining: What are your options and hours of operation?
  • Dorms: How comfortable and spacious are they?
  • Social life: What clubs and activities would you like to try?
  • Vibe: What is your impression after spending time there?

PRO TIP: Talk to students if you can about their experience. If you’re considering playing a sport, ask to meet with coaches on your tour.

3. Keep a Tour Diary

Your mailbox will be filled with marketing material about colleges you’re interested in. That can be a helpful resource for facts and figures. Write your impressions and concerns in one place for comparison when it’s time to decide.


PRO TIP: Ask questions on your tour and do your own research, too. Your notes can inform you of what to ask on other tours.

Coastal Carolina University

4. Check Out the Bookstore

You can get a sense of some of the campus’ personality here and get an idea of what textbooks might cost you. The Chanticleer Store is also an excellent source of all that cool teal apparel you and your family will love.


PRO TIP: When you schedule your tour, ask to speak to the department chair for the area of study you’re interested in. A good first impression will be made and you will learn a lot.

5. Soak up as Much as You Can

Tap into the resources available to you on your visit. Ask about study abroad options and academic services. When is the financial aid application deadline? What is the student retention rate?


PRO TIP: Look ahead to post-graduation life. Ask about job placement rates and resources for graduates to find their first job out of college.

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