Travelers Agree: Breakers Resort Wins With Its Amenities

Breakers Resort devotes itself to providing you with a unique experience.


Amenities play a vital role in that. From diversions to dining, you won’t have to go far to find the best stuff at Breakers Resort. Travelers have come to look forward to the perks they’ll have without even leaving the property.


Here’s a look at what the fuss is all about.

Water Adventures

Ask a seasoned Myrtle Beach visitor and they’ll tell you. The oceanfront pool deck and 19 pools are incredible!


What’s cool: Two words: heated pools. Three more: Indoor lazy river. You’ll have plenty of space to relax and read the book you brought along.


Try this: After a day of fun on the Grand Strand, relax and revitalize in a Breakers Resort hot tub. Now, this is how to live.

The Cove Waterpark

It seems like families could spend an entire day at the waterpark. This one has cool features that kids of all ages will love. And you can leave the car parked! It’s especially convenient if you have a rainy day on your getaway.


What’s cool: The twists and turns. The drops, and splashes! The waterslides even have names! Check out Myrtle Mayhem, Riptide Racers, Torpedo Shoot, and Twisted Typhoon.


Try this: You know, there is a Ben & Jerry’s on-site. Just saying. A pint or three of ice cream seems like the appropriate addition to a pool day.

Food and Drink

Add in breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and you’ve got lots to look forward to at Breakers Resort.


What’s cool: Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen is the spot for a delicious Old Fashioned or two. Plus, share a Rib Stack or Pork Belly Tacos. Enjoy a Cobb Salad, Fried Pickle Spears, a Shrimp Basket and more for lunch at Rusty Reel.


Try this: Hit the idyllic combo first thing in the morning: The Breakfast Buffet at Papa’s and a trip to Starbucks. You are in paradise.

Strong Waters Bar

Games and More

After you grab a bite on-site, it’s time for some diversions. Come play a while your bathing suit dries out!


What’s cool: Giant chess and checkers are part of why Breakers gets all those “best of” awards. You can play shuffleboard or cornhole on the grounds, too.


Try this: Stick to your fitness routine with visits to the fitness center. Visit the gift shop and enjoy valet parking. Breakers Resort hosts bingo, trivia, and even pool-deck dance parties.

Challenge your parents to a classic game of checkers or chess, just with a little life-size twist.

Make Breakers Resort Your Main Hub for Your Beach Getaway

Breakers Resort is the perfect home base: close to everything, yet a world away. Families love taking an escape with the kids to the beach, and you will too. Expect breathtaking views and friendly staff for a superlative stay.

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