These Grand Strand Attractions Are Considered Sensory-Friendly

When you bring the family on vacation, you want to ensure everyone has a good time.


Some Myrtle Beach locations understand what that entails. They create programs or alter business methods to accommodate families with sensory needs. Emphasis on other concerns on the autism spectrum is prevalent in many establishments, too.


Here is what places have to offer families with sensory issues.


PRO TIP: Pick up a CAN Card at the Myrtle Beach Welcome Center. It’s unique to this city and is short for Champion Autism Network. Families can use the card for many helpful perks, such as:

  • Curbside hotel check-ins
  • Jumping to the front of the line
  • Getting private seating
  • Receiving expedited service at a restaurant

Angelo’s Steaks & Pasta

Call ahead, and the staff at Angelo’s will keep an eye and ear out for you to attend to your every need.


WHAT’S THERE: One of the Grand Strand’s most famous restaurants! Angelo’s has served residents and visitors for more than 40 years. They live up to the claim of having the “Greatest Steaks in the Universe.” Come and enjoy.


PRO TIP: Offer your child relaxing distractions. Small toys, coloring books, and crayons are excellent picks. Ask for breadsticks or crackers early on.

Savannah's Playground

This enabled playground features ADA-approved equipment and structures designed to give children of all abilities a space for social interaction.


WHAT’S THERE: So many features in a park built in honor of Myrtle Beach resident Savannah Thompson. It features a challenge ropes course and ziplining, the Crabtree Gymnasium, Harmony Musical Park, and more.


PRO TIP: Bring babies and toddlers. There is a space for them! It’s inclusive of all children and all ages, so your teens will love it, too.

Sensory Friendly Jump at Big Air - Myrtle Beach

This trampoline park is a terrific source of fun for all kids.


WHAT’S THERE: Options from climbing to ziplining. Their CAN-certified events are an hour of jump time. Get a discount with your CAN card! Follow Big Air on Facebook for dates.


PRO TIP: Bring items that will help your child feel calm. Suggestions include noise-canceling headphones and favorite stuffed animals.


Star Academy’s Open Play

This place illustrates the importance of open play in an ideal setting.


WHAT’S THERE: A gym with jumping, climbing, swinging, and sliding! There’s a foam pit, a climbing wall, and sensory panels. Play with blocks and puzzles, and read books. The “chill out” spots have cozy seating and LED strands.


PRO TIP: Kids might feel overwhelmed even in a place designed for them. Don’t hesitate to leave if you see your child reaching this point. Doing so before it’s too late will give your kid — and you — more confidence next time.

Breakers indoor waterslides

Built for the Beach Lover in You: Breakers Resort

Why wait to plan your excellent getaway to Breakers Resort? You get plenty of amenities, plus shopping and restaurants nearby. It’s a beautiful place to stay at a reasonable price.

Breakers Palms Oceanfront