Quiz: What’s Your Perfect 4th of July Beach Getaway?

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Independence Day will be here before we know it!

Summer’s almost here, and that yearning to hit the coast is getting stronger. Especially when you’re talking about Myrtle Beach – on a holiday weekend. There’s plenty to see and do here, from a serene escape to a weekend of thrill-seeking.

It can sometimes be tough to narrow down your choices in Myrtle Beach!

We’ve put together a short quiz that will help guide you to activities that fit you best. It’s a fun way to make plans to celebrate our nation’s birthday in one of your favorite places on earth – Myrtle Beach.

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Why go to Myrtle Beach?

For generations, travelers far and wide have made Myrtle Beach a destination for family vacations, couples’ weekend away, a solitary escape, and more. Plenty of fun in the sun, wide-open beaches, and some of the South’s best golf courses draw so many people back again and again. Everyone from shag dancers to bikers love to make their way to Myrtle Beach at some point.

Quiz: Your PERFECT beach getaway for Independence Day

We’ll ask you a few questions to gauge what you’d like out of your weekend trip to Myrtle Beach. It’s not scientific, and we recommend you take it more than once!

Question 1: When I go to Myrtle Beach, I can’t wait to:

  1. Get my beach towel to the sand as quick as I can
  2. Play like I’m a kid – and hop on a bodyboard
  3. Master a new skill that makes me look cool
  4. Get to the ocean to cast a line
  5. Try something adventurous I’ve never done before


  1. You’re a BEACH BUM. And that’s not a bad thing. We recommend you pack a bag with sunscreen, flipflops, shades, and your favorite ballcap. Get your toes in the sand and sink into the serenity of the ocean waves.
  2. You’re a FUN SEEKER. You’re the type who has never outgrown a good sandcastle or digging in the sand just to see how deep you can go. We recommend you take your time beachcombing for shells and sharks teeth.
  3. You’re a SURFER WANNABE. Again, not a bad thing! You’re in the right place: Myrtle Beach has surf instructors who can teach you how to hang 10. Get your gear at Mega Tsunami Surf Shop and get your lessons at Kokopelli Surf Camp.
  4. You’re a TRAWLER, FIRST MATE. You probably start thinking about the red drum, wahoo, and sea bass just waiting out there for you. We recommend you visit Reel Action Fishing Charters Myrtle Beach or Little River Fishing Fleet.
  5. You’re a THRILL SEEKER. You’re the one who says, “hey y’all, watch this!” around your friends. We recommend you soar above the waves with a parasailing experience. Check out Atlantic Water Sports Parasail or New Wave Watersports.

Question 2: Fun in the sun is great, but I’d also like to:

  1. Find awe and wonder – in air-conditioned splendor
  2. Make tracks and get my steps in the wilderness
  3. Lose myself somewhere time stands still
  4. Get wet and wild – without the sand


  1. You’re a LOCAL GLOBAL EXPLORER. You like to learn, and don’t mind saying so. We recommend the new Penguin exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium. Ocean Wonders has eight new tanks and is home to a conservation effort to save the African penguin.
  2. You’re a TRAIL TREKKER. You enjoy being off the beaten path, and to see native animals and plants you don’t see back home. We recommend Myrtle Beach State Park – it has two easy trails that give you a glimpse of the unspoiled forest.
  3. You’re a SERENITY SEEKER. You could spend all day amid the magnificence of beauty, both natural and created. We recommend a visit to Brookgreen Gardens, a sculpture garden and wildlife preserve in Murrells Inlet. Stop and smell the flowers.
  4. You’re a SPLASHER DASHER. You find it hard NOT to run and the pool and cannonball in. We recommend Myrtle Waves Water Park, home of such fantastic features as Saturation Station, Turbo Twisters, and Bubble Bay.

Ready to roll?

The cool thing is, the trail trekker on Saturday could become a serenity seeker on Sunday. You might be a hybrid fun seeker and beach bum. Not to mention when you pair the surfer wannabe with the local globe explorer or find yourself torn between trawler, first mate, and a splasher dasher. Myrtle Beach has all the fun you need to get into your element – or try out a new one.

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Make plans today

The Breakers Resort in Myrtle Beach is the perfect home base for your Independence Day fun. With suites, condos, and poolside rooms, there’s accommodations to fit any traveling party. Check out the options today and make your plans for Myrtle Beach.

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