Know How to Plan a Generational Myrtle Beach Vacation? Read On!

Guess what more and more families are doing for fun?


They’re escaping to Myrtle Beach together. Not only mom, dad, and the kids. They’re bringing grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins … many generations!


Planning a generational vacation is easier when you make Breakers your family’s fun hub.

1. Plan How to Pay

No need for Gram to use her pension for this! If you plan well, each family can contribute to a smoother result. The easiest way: Have one person make your reservation on one credit card. Family members can send funds by PayPal, Venmo, or other preferred method before the trip.


TRY THIS: Contact the sales team at Breakers Resort. They’re experts at running group events. Get started by filling out the form on the Breakers website to have a representative reach out to you.

2. Get Your Tickets

Each family can use their preferred mode of transport. But for kids, a cheap direct flight is perfect, even if it’s not your preferred carrier. If you’ve ever flown with kids, you know what it’s like! Depending on your family and the distance, a bus or even a car could be a better alternative. If you’re going to need tickets, get them as soon as you can.


TRY THIS: Think of other tickets, too. If you’re hoping to see Coastal Carolina basketball as a group or a show at Legends in Concert, buy them as soon as you know how many people want to see it.

3. Figure Out Food Costs

It’s easy when you’re splitting bills at Abuelo’s for lunch. But what if you’re getting fresh fish from Mr. Fish Seafood Market to bring back to the resort and cook yourself? Do a few calculations of math. Divide the cost by shares.


Every adult is worth one share, and kids are half a share. Again, one person can make the buy, and everyone else can Venmo them. Pronto. Let’s eat!


TRY THIS: If the math works, have every family responsible for one dinner for the group on the trip. It’s up to them to buy the groceries and prep the meal (they can order takeout if that’s more their speed!)

Indoor Seating at Papa's Restaurant

5 reasons you should partner with Breakers for your getaway

It is a family tradition to return to Breakers Resorts year after year and pass along the vacation week. Here are a few reasons.

  1. Great location. There’s no fuss about where to go for breathtaking views and fun. You’re right in the middle of it all when you stay at Breakers Resort.
  2. The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Guide the group when you can, and schedule a time to explore. Let them loose on the boardwalk.
  3. Tons of restaurants: Grab cheesesteak at The Rusty Reel. Burgers at Bummz Beach Cafe. Strongwaters Craft Cocktails and Kitchen is close, too.
  4. Broadway at the Beach. The effect of retail therapy is real. You’ll have a great time shopping and snacking with the family here.
  5. Lots of attractions nearby. Challenge the kids at Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf. Let the kids play at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. And see the sights from SkyWheel Myrtle Beach.
Challenge your parents to a classic game of checkers or chess, just with a little life-size twist.

Make the executive decision today that you’ll head up the trip — and bring the fam to Breakers Resort! 

Families will enjoy the resort’s spacious rooms or connecting rooms. Plus, plenty of amenities — fun for kids and adults.

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