Broadway at the Beach Offers a Six Pack of New Places to Eat, Drink and Be Merry

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If you haven't been to Broadway at the Beach lately, your taste buds are missing out. Myrtle Beach's most popular attraction has undergone a major makeover in recent months — especially Celebrity Square’s dining and nightlife district. Located only one mile inland from The Breakers Resort — a straight shot down 21st Avenue North — Broadway at the Beach offers several new restaurants and bars to add to your list of places to try. Here's a six-pack of new spots to eat, drink and be merry at Broadway at the Beach:

* Wahlburgers: The famous Wahlberg family introduced this eatery to the nation on the hit A&E show by the same name, and now Wahlburgers is serving burgers hot off the grill in Broadway's Celebrity Square. The brothers/actors/singers' national chain features executive chef Paul Wahlberg and help from brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, as well as a menu designed around their humble roots in urban Boston. In addition to “Government” Cheeseburgers and the Double Dogs Platter, Wahlburgers also offers some lighter alternatives, such as salads and sandwiches.

* Rooster's Restaurant & Bar: No need for a map to find this new eatery — just follow your nose to the aroma of rotisserie chickens roasting on the spit at Celebrity Square. Specializing in fire-roasted poultry and flame-kissed flatbread pizzas, Rooster's also serves a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, tacos and more. In addition to traditionally seasoned birds, the rotisserie chicken also comes in Asian, BBQ and Southwestern styles. Be sure to check out the bar specials, too.

* American Tap House: This place is all about the beer and offers more than 100 different styles ranging from popular favorites to obscure microbrews. Located in Celebrity Square, this traditional brewpub is a great place to take your taste buds on a tour of the world and try a variety of different ales, ciders, pilsners, IPAs and other styles you may never have heard of, especially the hard-to-find microbrews that have gained international acclaim. The food is also handcrafted, and many dishes are flavored with the house brews.

* Hard Rock Cafe: The old pyramid may be gone, but the tasty food and rock-n-roll memorabilia has moved a few doors down to the old Broadway Louie's location. The new venue is more geared toward live music and American cuisine, but the Hard Rock maintains the same cool vibe. Lots of new memorabilia has been added for folks who have seen all the old stuff, and the outdoor patio deck offers a great view of all the action around Celebrity Square.

* Broadway Louie's: Never fear, sports fans. Broadway Louie's has moved just across the alley to a new venue that puts more focus on sports and less on video games. The bar features wall-to-wall big-screen TVs for maximum sports viewing, and food and drink specials are offered on big game days. On nights when the sports schedule is slow, karaoke becomes the main attraction.

* Dave & Buster's: Although it isn't scheduled to open until sometime in the spring of 2017, the buzz about this national chain coming to Broadway is deafening. Featuring food, drinks and the latest in video games, Dave & Buster's is moving into the old Hard Rock Cafe spot and promises to be a hub of activity.

After a great meal and a few drinks at these new restaurants and bars at Broadway, it's only a short trip back to The Breakers Myrtle Beach Resort to relax and recover. It's just one more reason to spend your next vacation here with us at The Breakers.

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