5 Things To Do on Your Girls' Weekend in Myrtle Beach

Feeling a girls’ getaway coming on?


It’s not uncommon. The guys have been doing this for ages, and when they do, they get there and make plans later. Women tend to plan a bit more, and if that’s you, well, this post is for you.


It’s a bit of a guide to give you ideas of what you could do while you’re on the Grand Strand.

What To Do on Your Myrtle Beach Girls’ Getaway

Fine Dining and Treat Yourself

Moms, you know how it is: Restaurant eating with kids ain’t glamorous. When you escape with the ladies, you don’t have to go places that have value meals and where kids eat free anymore! Live it up, not only in your restaurant of choice, but in what you order.


Our recommendation: The Melting Pot Myrtle Beach


Brie and bacon cheese, steak, chicken, cookies and cream chocolate dessert. Can you imagine? When you do fondue with the girls, the sky’s the limit.


Bring the Girls to Beach Yoga

Practicing yoga on a sandy beach strengthens leg, core, and shoulder more than in a studio. Get there early and start with sun salutations, wear sunscreen, and hydrate. Start drinking water the night before.


Our recommendation: Sea Yoga Myrtle Beach


Schedule a session on the beach outside Breakers Resort. Sea Yoga also offers evening sessions as well as rooftop yoga.

Women on Beach Doing Yoga

Have a Hike Together

It’s one of the best ways to see the beauty of the Grand Strand beyond the boardwalk. Take a walk on one of the area’s incredible nature trails and see a wealth of seabirds and other wildlife. Pack, snacks, water, and bring binoculars.


We recommend: Myrtle Beach State Park



The smaller of the two area parks have many amenities and a mile-long beach with dunes for a glimpse of Myrtle Beach pre-development. Be sure to take a walk on the fishing pier for awesome photos and talk time.

Stay in for Pizza and A Movie

All this running around is going to wear you out! Plan an evening to get comfy, order a pizza, and watch a movie together. You can always take a moonlit walk afterward.


We recommend: AJ’S Pizza Myrtle Beach


Whether you crave classic or creative, AJ’s has the pie for you. You can’t go wrong with garlic sticks and a large supreme pizza.


Gather the Girls at The Breakers for Your Getaway!

Breakers is a nice resort at a great value that features spacious, clean rooms. You’ll find a friendly, helpful staff in a destination in the middle of it all in Myrtle Beach. Breakers has incredible onsite amenities, such as Papa’s breakfast buffet and a Starbucks. See other amenities and book your stay at Breakers Resort today.

Breakers Oceanfront Suite
Breakers Strong Water
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