5 Questions to Ask as You Plan a Fantastic Myrtle Beach Honeymoon

That wonderful honeymoon doesn’t have to be an illusion. This should be the fun part of starting your life together!

Sometimes couples have grandiose visions of their first trip together. With thoughtful planning, it can be the perfect honeymoon for you two. Not an attempt to replicate one you’ve found on Pinterest.

Here are questions to ask as you plan.

Common Myths About Your Honeymoon

1. Unplug. That’s a lot to ask. You both know the balance … you can escape from technology and get lots of great pics up on Instagram.

2. You MUST be like-minded. You won’t agree about everything, and that’s fine. Again, balance … go parasailing for your partner, and they can take in a pirate dinner show for you.

3. You MUST stick to fitness and eating routines. It’s a great time to relax and define what an indulgence would be to the two of you. Some ideas:

  • All American Lemonades at the Rusty Reel
  • Turtle Fudge at Kilwins
  • Majestic Platinum spa treatment at Majestic Massage


Questions to Ask When Planning Your Myrtle Beach Honeymoon

1. Where do you want to go?

Domestic travel can be less complicated than jet-setting abroad. In the U.S., you have wonderful destinations such as Myrtle Beach. It’s a car trip or plane ride away, diverse for fun, and a paradise for a new couple. It might even become an annual trip you take to celebrate your anniversary!

Pro tip: Mention you’re going to be or on your honeymoon when you’re out and about. Some businesses will give discounts or freebies. It’ll at least put smiles on faces.


The wing of the plane over the clouds

2. How long should you be away?

Determine how much time you can take from work and life and if you have vacation time. Myrtle Beach is a great place to stretch your honeymoon dollar. When you stay in a resort such as Breakers, opt for an efficiency room. Stay in and cook together. (Consider allocating cash or a gift-card gift to something indulgent, such as a dinner out at Aspen Grille.)

Pro tip: Set a budget, then map out what you’d spend on every day. Keep things fun and light! If you’re near the end of your trip and worried about finances, you won’t enjoy yourself. Take as long as is comfortable, but remember that you can have lots of fun no matter how long you stay. (and you can save for an anniversary getaway to Myrtle Beach, too.)

empty beach

3. Should I consult a travel agent?

They’re experts, so if planning stresses you out, this might be a good option. Remember, though, money saved doing it yourself gives you more funds for fun. Go shopping at Broadway at the Beach or on a Grand Strand guided tour by Segway.

Pro tip: As you research destinations and activities, subscribe to newsletters. You might find rewards such as discounts and freebies in your inbox. 

4. Where can we save money?

Myrtle Beach is famous for free and low-cost fun. Check out these:


Walk around Barefoot Landing

Catch live music Friday and Saturday nights at the Dockside Village Amphitheater. All you need is a blanket or lawn chairs.

Take in the Marshwalk

Close by in Murrells Inlet, have a look at the beautiful natural scenery of a saltwater marsh. There are great waterfront restaurants here, too.

Enjoy … the beach!

Steps away from your room in Breakers Resort, the shore is what you’re there for! A morning jog, and even walk, a picnic for two …


Shell collecting in Myrtle Beach State Park

Scavenge for sharks’ teeth, seashells, sea glass, and more. Take a walk on the fishing pier for pictures you’ll always treasure, too.

Mini golf at Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf

You’d better both bring your A-game. It won’t cost much to start a rivalry in your wedded bliss.

Shop in Market Common

Pick cool things to buy, then share a pie at Ultimate California Pizza.

Pro tip: Comparison shop, before you arrive and while you’re there. Stores in Myrtle Beach might carry the same or similar items, and one might save you a few bucks.

5. Where can I stay for luxury and value?

You can have a great time for your honeymoon at Breakers, with incredible amenities. Relax in the hot tub, lazy river, and pool. Easy beach access, spacious rooms, friendly staff … it’s all you need for your getaway. Shop specials at Breakers and work this amazing resort into your post-vow plans today.

Spacious Accommodations with white linens