5 Ideas to Fit in Fitness on Your Myrtle Beach Getaway

It’s no exaggeration to say that for some, not getting in their exercise on vacation can bring on some anxiety.

It’s part of our DNA at times to have that physical activity in the everyday. On vacation, it’s easy for some to pump the brakes and come to rest. But for others, there has to be a way … out.

After the Famous Breakfast Buffet at Sea Captain’s House? Before Mozzarella Sticks and a Guinness at Jimmigan’s Sports Bar & Grill? Some fitness choices are easier than you think!

Should I even work out on vacation?

It’s not bad to chill on vacation, at least for a day. You might have to rethink what you hope to achieve until you get there. Research your options. Traveling from a place with a different climate? Consider limitations or adjustments to what you’d wear.

Ways to work out in Myrtle Beach

1. Hit the fitness room at Breakers Resort

Guests here have an option to work out on site. On chilly and rainy days, it’s a welcome alternative to running outside. And you can fit your workout into the day wherever there’s space in your schedule.

Try this: Watch what you eat while on vacation, too. We’re not saying don’t indulge. But if you’re not working out like you’re accustomed to, a healthier diet can help you feel less dragged down by it.

2. Get steps in on the Boardwalk

Is your pedometer your go-to tracker? The Boardwalk is great for that. It’s 1.2 miles of oceanfront boardwalk, so you can sort out your own distance. Whether you keep a steady pace with a jog or get in lots of steps between attractions, you’ll keep motoring.

Try this: Watch out for the sun. It might be more intense than where you live, so slap on the sunscreen before you take off.


Fitness Center at The Breakers Resort

3. Hit the beach

It’s the easiest location to get in steps. For a morning jog or a long afternoon walkabout, it’ll surprise you how the steps pile up. Sling a Frisbee or football around with the family for a little extra work to get your heart pumping.

Try this: Go easy if you’re not used to running and walking on the sand. The low, wet sand is better than the dry, deep portions.

4. Rent a kayak

Kayaking in Myrtle Beach is a workout that might surprise you with its mental health benefits, too. Popular for all ages, kayaking affords participants the ability to take their own pace and vigor. Doing so here presents opportunities to see your favorite vacation destination in a whole new way.

Try this: Take a tandem kayak out with someone you travel with. You might not get in the robust workout you seek, but you’ll have quality time with excellent scenery.

Beach view

5. Hike it

Pack your walking shoes when you visit Myrtle Beach in the offseason. Whether it’s a spirited walk at Market Common or an upbeat jaunt in Myrtle Beach State Park, can stretch your legs. Being flexible about where and how you get your steps in makes it easier.

Try this: Many local hiking trails are flat, manmade, and low stress. Hiking them is a good way to raise your heart rate up while giving your body a break from more extreme excursions.

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