Tips for Planning your Summer Beach Wedding at The Breakers

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A beach wedding is more than a grand romantic gesture; it's also a smart decision for couples who want someone else to take care of all the details so they can enjoy their special day. At The Breakers Resort, making dream weddings come true is what we do.

Located on the oceanfront in downtown Myrtle Beach, The Breakers offers first-class wedding services and facilities, as well as an experienced and knowledgeable staff to accommodate the happy couple and their entire wedding party for the special occasion.

Featuring a scenic oceanfront lawn area for outdoor weddings and a beautiful banquet room with an ocean view for indoor ceremonies and receptions, The Breakers has the ultimate accommodations and amenities to transform your wedding day into a magical one.

We have hosted hundreds of wedding over the years, and no two have been exactly alike. The bride and groom choose from a wide selection of vendors to tailor the wedding to your specifications. You pick the particulars; we do the rest.

The summer months are a particularly popular time for beach weddings, so it's important to get your plans started soon if you hope to tie the knot during the peak tourism season. Here are some helpful hints to put together your perfect beach wedding:

* Shortly after the romantic moment when he pops the question and she says yes, it's time for a serious heart-to-heart between the bride and groom to be. Yes, you want to consider your guests when planning the event, but it's important to remember that this is your day, your wedding and your decisions. Work together to come up with the ideal wedding for both of you, and use some give and take on things you disagree on. It's great practice for the rest of your lives together.

* The first big decision is to pick a date. It's OK to consult with others to make sure that all the people you really want there, immediate family and close friends, are all available to attend. Once you've got your date and all the answers to the basic questions, such as color schemes and time of day, it's time to contact the friendly pros at The Breakers, who will guide you through every step of the process of putting together your dream wedding.

* Although this may be difficult to do early, you need a fairly accurate headcount before you proceed much further. Because you are asking guests to travel for the wedding, compiling a guest list requires quick action on your part. First, send out “Save the Date” announcements and ask for an early RSVP. You can send out formal invitations later but it's critical to get a Make it easier for guests by setting up a Facebook event page where they can easily commit or send regrets. Also find out who might need accommodations and provide them with all The Breakers' info.

* Some couples opt to set an appointment and make a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, see The Breakers and go through all the options and see the facilities in person, but it's also easy to do so via the telephone or online. The Breakers handles all the catering and has a wide choice of dining options, as well as providing a list of florists, bakers, photographers, and more. Do your homework on these vendors to find the best fit for your wedding. Whether you make the trip or do so online, it's important that you set aside a time the two of you can go over all the details together and make all the key decisions now so you can enjoy the experience later.


(Posted: 1/19/2014)

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