Surfworks Set to Bring the Man-Made Waves — And Much More — To the Heart of Myrtle Beach

For the most serious of surfers (and really, for beginners too), not just any wave will do. And while the Myrtle Beach area offers natural opportunities for surfing amateurs and pros alike to catch a wave, conditions simply aren’t always ideal — in fact, during the peak summer months on the Grand Strand, surfable waves appear in the area only 11% of the time.


But a new venture is in the works that would bring surfable waves to the heart of Myrtle Beach on demand — and year-round. At the planned Surfworks Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s first surf and adventure park, man-made waves will deliver the perfect swells for riders of all skill levels … all day, every day.

A Place to Ride the Tech-Powered Tide

Known as Wavegarden, the technology that powers the planned park’s man-made waves was originally developed in Northern Spain and is capable of producing swells nearly 8 feet high. It uses a modular electromechanical system to, by moving in a harmonious sequence, displace water in the park’s massive centerpiece surf lagoon and create up to 900 waves per hour.

More Than a Surf Spot

A number of additional amenities and attractions are planned for the property, and all would surround the park’s main-attraction surf lagoon. Some of these include a main hub building for ticketing, equipment rentals, locker rooms, etc., a walkable viewing pier, rentable bungalows, a volleyball court, a kids’ playground, food and beverage facilities, an on-site skate park, an Adventure Lagoon featuring a pool, a slide, a climbing wall and a diving platform, a training tent where more-experienced surfers can get pointers on their technique, and a 10,000-seat amphitheater capable of hosting regular live music performances.

Beach volleyball lying in sand.

A Sports Attraction-Loaded Location

A $70 million project that would expand on a growing sports-entertainment district near downtown Myrtle Beach, Surfworks is planned for a 21-acre parcel of land alongside Robert M. Grissom Parkway. The park’s currently projected schedule would put it in line for a spring 2026 grand opening. And other sports-themed neighbors in the vicinity of the surf park would include Topgolf, a planned mini golf-centered attraction called PopStroke and Pelicans Ballpark (home of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans) — not to mention the shopping/dining/entertainment-filles hot spot Broadway at the Beach.

Paradise Outdoor Lazy River

The Perfect Home Base for All Your Grand Strand Adventures

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