Retired, but Not Quite Ready to Move, Check Out Our Winter Rentals

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Have you been coming to Myrtle Beach most of your life?  Now you are retired and trying to figure out if you should relocate and live out your dreams of living oceanfront, or if you want to hang back with the family.  We have the best alternate option for you, how about a winter rental?

Here at Breakers Resort, we offer discounted winter rentals during our off-season.

If you are tired of winter being spent largely indoors, and looking to shovel less snow, then how about this option. Sure, you may get out into the chilly outdoor air typical of winter’s peak after bundling up in layer after layer of warm clothes, but the lengthiest stretches of this frigid time in the northernmost climes tend to be spent snuggling up inside by the warm fire or near a hard-at-work heater.

So, especially if you’re the type who tends to get cabin fever during the long, cold winter months, it’s easy to understand why you might want to head south for the season. And it’s also easy to see why, for the winter travelers widely known as “snowbirds,” our stretch of the Carolina coast is a prime winter destination — its average temperatures of nearly 60 degrees in December, the mid-50s in January, nearly 60 degrees in February and nearly 65 degrees in March represent downright comfy conditions when compared with average temps in the teens (or even single-digits and below) farther up north.

And, as if you needed reasons beyond our temperate maritime climate to head for the Grand Strand in the winter, visitors to the Myrtle Beach area during the off-season can visit most of the area’s most popular attractions during this time without having to navigate the peak-season crowds, plus they can score great rates on an array of long-term coastal accommodations.

Go to our specials page, and find out the deals we have for winter rentals. And also check out some of the perks for this program.

Book your winter retreat today, and start getting ready to enjoy the moderate temperature and sunny coastal days on the Grand Strand throughout the winter. With our wide range of comfortable accommodations and an impressive list of amenities, you’ll be glad to call the Carolina coast your home away from home for the season.

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