How to Find Great Deals on Myrtle Beach Vacations

Ready to save a few bucks?

Few of us can just go carte blanche on anything, let alone a Grand Strand getaway. It’s nice to get a break in the price now and then. Savings make it possible for some to vacation at all, and at least can be used to extend our fun, too.

Here are a few ways to find discounts in Myrtle Beach.


A few dollars here, 10% there … savings can add up. You’ll find plenty at Save on everything from river adventures to Italian eateries. Visit the site also to learn about things to do you might not have known about.

Tips for saving on attractions

1. PICK WISELY. Consider what you get for a package. Sometimes the all-inclusive way is best, but if you’d have fun with a lesser plan, choose it and save a little.

2. SHOP OUTSIDE. Inside attractions, souvenirs are the apple of every child’s eye. Skip the gift shop and hit one of the everything shops common to Myrtle Beach and spend less.

3. SPLIT ENTREES. Food can get expensive inside. Snack before, and, if you must have a meal inside, split them between kids and even parents to save.

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It isn’t hard to find restaurant coupons on the Grand Strand — start with a search of your resort lobby. You don’t have to pay full price for dessert, Mexican food, seafood, and more. This page has tons of printable coupons — peruse them before you even leave home!

Tips for saving at restaurants

1. SAVE HALF. Your meal, that is. Request a to-go box when you order and take half back to your resort with you for an extra meal later you won’t have to pay for.

2. HIT HAPPY HOUR. It’s not just for discounted drinks (although those are nice, too.) Many Myrtle Beach restaurants offer deals on popular shareables, and a few of those can feed a family.

3. ORDER WATER. Soda, especially, is a huge expense in restaurants, at a cost of at least $2.50. That’s $10 extra for a family of four you could save by drinking water.

Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen

Other Tips for Saving Money in Myrtle Beach

1. LOOK FOR FREE STUFF. Have a blast on the Grand Strand without burning up your budget. It’ll cost you nothing to look for shells and sharks’ teeth. Stroll the Marsh Walk or spend time on the Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade. Also, Breakers Resort has so much on-site. From water-feature fun to games and more, there are lots of things to keep you occupied.

2. BE AN EARLY BIRD FOR DINNER. Beat the dinner crowd! Try specials at:

Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant, Chuck’s Steak House, Luigi’s Trattoria, Strong Waters

3. STAY IN. You can rent rooms at Breakers Resort that come with full kitchens. Plan a meal that you’ll prepare together at your suite. Stream a movie and it’s like family time back home — only better, because you’re at the beach!

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Always a Great Value: Breakers Resort

You’ll love your stay at Breakers, considered one of the best places to stay in Myrtle Beach for many reasons. You’ll find a beautiful resort and friendly staff at a place you’ll want to return to for your next vacation. There’s plenty of fun right on-site too, with a wealth of amenities. Come play cornhole, giant chess, shuffleboard, and more when you book your stay today

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