How to do National Beach Day in Myrtle Beach

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We think it should get a week – but did you know National Beach Day is Aug. 30?

Forget a week. How about a month? We can dream. National Beach Day is a real thing, and it falls on a Sunday in 2020. Which makes it perfect for a weekend away in Myrtle Beach. It’s also right at the end of the summer season, in time for one last jaunt to your favorite beach.

As vast as the miles of beautiful coastline are in Myrtle Beach, they’re also versatile. People jet ski, parasail, build sandcastles and read a good book while relaxing to the sound of the waves and the warmth of that Carolina sun.

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What is National Beach Day?

The day is to recognize this beloved feature of American life – and to spur cleanup efforts coast to coast. Family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige revived the holiday, which began in 1929, in 2014. It’s a good reminder of how to safely enjoy this treasure. Always swim in proximity to a lifeguard, and go with a buddy. And remember the sunscreen! Be sure to take plenty of pictures, and tag #NationalBeachDay when you post them to social media.

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How to have a perfect beach day

The Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach feels like the perfect place to celebrate National Beach Day. Or, every day, really. Here’s how:

1. Wake up early to catch the sunrise over the ocean

The Golden Hours – what photographers call times for sunrise and sunset – give you the best light for photography. For the perfect picture to post on Instagram, look for mornings with high cloud cover, preferably wisplike cirrus clouds, through which reds and oranges can shine.

Pro tip: Once you’ve snapped that picture, put the phone down, and enjoy the experience.

couple holding hands on beach

2. Take a morning walk down the beach

Take an easy pace or get in a power walk to start your day. Leash the dog, bring your family, or get out for some me-time in this beautiful part of the day. Warm-up by walking on flat ground for a bit before you hit the sand. Don’t forget supportive shoes and a hat!

Pro tip: Walking in the sand can help you to burn twice as many calories than on flat land.

friends jumping in ocean

3. Bring a ball and play catch on the beach

Any ball will do, but a soft one is probably best (unless you have a baseball and mitt!) Footballs are perfect, although a Nerf ball might get waterlogged. Frisbees and kites are fitting fill-ins. With a kid, a parent, or a partner, have fun having a catch in the sand.

Pro tip: Warm up your arm and head out in the late afternoon to avoid the heat.

friends holding hands and jumping on beach

4. Search for seashells and shark teeth

After a storm and at low tide are prime times. Look for sandbars, where water continually shifts the sand, for the best choices. Seek out the tide line, where the push of shells ends. Lettered olive, jingle, and whelk shells are beautiful shells common to Myrtle Beach.

Did you know? Fossilized sharks’ teeth can be 10,000 to 1 million years old!

charcuterie board

5. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach

It’s the ultimate al fresco dining. Pack light. Finger foods work well so you won’t have to carry tons of plates and plasticware. Pick favorites such as apples, baby carrots, berries, and raw vegetables, with dip. Chips and salsa are great, and so are pita chips and hummus.

Pro tip: Keep your cooler in the shade of an umbrella to keep everything cool.

waves on beach

6. Go fishing off the beach

In Myrtle Beach, you’ll need a fishing license to fish in the surf, but not off a pier. We suggest a Carolina rig with cut squid, menhaden, or shrimp. You can catch pompano with small bait and No. 1 hooks. Float your rig in the surf, and try small crabs to the bait.

Pro tip: A 10-foot fishing pole is ideal, to keep the line above the surf and still cast easily.

couple drinking wine

7. Enjoy a glass of wine from your balcony as the sun sets

We referred to sunrise and sunset as the Golden Hours. Maybe the sunset should be called the Enchanting Hour. It’s often a moment of serenity after a day of Myrtle Beach sun. Whether it’s with a special someone or alone, it’s hard to end a day in paradise better than this.

Pro tip: We suggest Duplin South Carolina Pelican Red or North Carolina Magnolia.


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