Go big for National Surfing Day with lessons in Myrtle Beach

Have you been surfing long?

If you haven’t — or even if you’ve never tried — that’s okay. With a quick lesson, you can feel comfortable on your board enough to have a blast. June 20 is National Surfing Day, and Myrtle Beach is a great place to celebrate it!

First, here are a few words to know before you start.

10 surfing terms to remember

Don’t use them just to use them. But when the opportunity presents itself, definitely jab one in.

  1. CLOSEOUT: A wave that breaks in one long line.
  2. DAWNY. A very early session, usually at first light.
  3. NICA. Short for Nicaragua, a haven for surfers.
  4. ONSHORE/OFFSHORE: Direction of prevailing winds.
  5. POCKET. Part of a wave closest to the curl, where you build speed.
  6. SHOULDER. The part of a wave where there is less energy but more room.
  7. STOKED. Being so excited you can’t contain it. Amped, hyped up, etc.
  8. THE BACK. Past the breaking waves, where you’ll eventually surf.
  9. WETTIE. Wetsuit.
  10. WIPEOUT. The act of falling off your board. Beginners know it well!

Reach the height of your skills with lessons for Surfing Day

Here’s where to go, yo.

Kokopelli Surf Camp

This kayak and canoe tour agency in North Myrtle Beach gives the best surf lessons around. Take a one-on-one lesson with an awesome instructor at Kokopelli Surf Camp and you’ll stay aboard like a pro. You’ll see for yourself — these pros care about you and help you to your best experience.


Book time for a sunset kayak cruise too, with Kokopelli.

Jack’s Surf Lessons and Board Rentals

Learn the essentials of catching a wave, even if the closest you’ve come is catching a cold. The best way to have a great time doing something is to feel comfortable doing it. The staff is well-versed in helping people with that. Jack’s Surf Lessons and Board Rentals also offers multi-day surf camps.


Check out the surfing forecast on Jack’s website.

Guy Surfing at Sunrise

One Love! Surf Lessons Myrtle Beach

For learners of all ages, One Love! Surf Lessons has the patience and knowledge to get folks up and surfing. Instructors are adaptable to your rate of learning. If you’re unsure about trying something new, One Love! will put you at ease.


Book a group session for your whole family to learn together.

Breakers Palms Balcony View

How About a Soothing Hot Tub After a Day of Surfing?

There are many creature comforts at Breakers Resort, including said hot tubs.

It’s likely to become your go-to on the Grand Strand, with fabulous ocean views and easy access to the beach. Learn more about amenities at Breakers Resort and book your escape today.

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