Five Adventurous Ways to Take Your Myrtle Beach Vacation to New Heights

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Breakers Resort offers guests scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean in their backyard by the beach, the resort's convenient location is close to several Myrtle Beach attractions that can give your vacation a big boost. The sky is the limit at these five highlights:

* Biplane: Even frequent flyers have rarely experienced the thrill of riding in a vintage biplane. The World War I-era aircraft feature open cockpits so you and partner can share in the bucket-list experience. Flying out of the Grand Strand Regional Airport in North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach Biplanes offers tandem tours with an experienced pilot at the controls. Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the Carolina coast from 1,200 feet above sea level while the biplane climbs, turns and swoops along the shoreline.

* Helicopter: You haven't really flown until you've taken a helicopter ride. There's smething about zipping and zooming through the sky in a whirlybird that makes linear airplane travel seem like sitting still. There are several outlets providing helicopter tours of the Grand Strand, some offering introductory flights for as low as $20. Compass Cove guests have two options within a short driving distance of the resort: Oceanfront Helicopters at the nearby Myrtle Beach International Airport, or Helicopter Adventures near Broadway at the Beach.

* Parasailing: Experience the thrill of soaring like a seagull high above the Atlantic Ocean at one of the many local parasailing outfitters. Featuring solo, tandem and three-person harnesses, parasailing allows the brave at heart to lift off from the boat's onboard platform and ride the ocean breeze while you take in the breathtaking views. Guests at Compass Cove are just down the beach from Downwind Sails, and Atlantic Watersports, Express Watersports and Ocean Watersports operate in various Grand Strand locations.

* Skydiving: Admit it; you've always wondered what it would be like to step out of your comfort zone by jumping out of an airplane. What better time and place to try something truly out of character than while vacationing on the Grand Strand? Operating out of Grand Strand Regional Airport in North Myrtle Beach, Skydive Myrtle Beach provides everything you need for a first-time jump, from instruction to a safe landing. Novices can take the giant leap in a tandem harness with an experienced guide, or veteran skydivers can sign up for solo jumps.

* SkyWheel: So maybe your adventurous side doesn't extend to skydiving, parasailing or helicopters, or a fear of heights prevents you from getting to far from the ground. The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel might be the right speed for your wild side. Located in the heart of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, the SkyWheel takes passengers 190 feet up for a panoramic vantage point of the ocean and downtown district. The enclosed gondolas give you beautiful that views you can catch on camera. If it doesn't offer the adrenaline rush you are looking for, simply stroll across Ocean Boulevard and go for a ride on the Sling Shot.

Once you get your feet back on the ground, make a safe landing back at your vacation home away from home at Breakers Oceanfront Resort. With towering water slides, lovely vistas from the Crows Nest, and scenic ocean views from your private balcony, Breakers is ready to take your Myrtle Beach vacation experience to new heights.

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