Dine in Your Room With Delivery to Breakers

What happens if you’re all out of steam before dinner and after a day of fun in Myrtle Beach?


You order dinner in, of course. Your options used to be Chinese or pizza, but so many restaurants deliver nowadays. If you stay at Breakers Resort on the Grand Strand, you have lots of options. 


Here are five great restaurants that will bring dinner to you.

Fast Facts About Restaurant Delivery

Save room in the hotel refrigerator for leftovers. Here are some things you might not have known about restaurant food delivery.

  • Pizza hut offered the first online ordering and delivery service. The year was 1994.
  • Instacart saw a boost of 8.32 million more orders during March 2022 because of the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • The average American food-delivery driver makes $29,845 a year.

Fine Dining in Your Suite: Call These Delivery Places

These eateries will hook you with scrumptious dishes delivered to your resort. Dinner plans, done.

1. Big Mike's Soul Food

If soul food had a flag, it would have an image of something from Big Mike’s right in the middle of it. The cuisine is down-home, the portions are colossal, and the flavor is out of this world. It’s always great at Mike’s, especially the Chicken Bog, but you’re sure to develop your own faves. Fried chicken and fish, collard greens, cornbread … there’s a lot to load up on.


TRY THIS: Take your soul food out on the beach for a picnic. Bring extra napkins. And save room for Cheesecake and Peach Cobbler.

2. Friendly's

Squash the idea of drive-thru dinner: Hit up Friendly’s for something better. They serve up burgers, melts, and ice cream. Can it get any better than that? It’s unlikely that a burger can give you LIFE, but if one could … it would come in a Friendly’s box. They have a wonderful kids’ menu and a loyalty program you’ll love.


TRY THIS: Burgers and ice cream on the sun deck? Why not? There’s giant chess and checkers, too, at Breakers Resort.

3. La Vino Tinto

Adjust your palate for something extraordinary, especially if you’ve never tried Venezuelan cuisine. Portions are generous and the taste is authentic, right down to the flan. Stay home at the resort for an exquisite dining experience.


TRY THIS: Put on soft music and order dinner for two. Private table, no waiting, right in your condo. Now that’s romance.

4. Mama Mia Pizzeria (Myrtle Beach North)

Get great Italian cuisine straight from one of the area’s favorite eateries. The food’s amazing at this popular late-night spot, and many consider it Myrtle Beach’s best pizza. Be sure to check out online specials when you order.


TRY THIS: Have your pie delivered poolside for a dinner party.

5. National House of Pancakes

The perception that you must be IN a pancake house to enjoy pancakes at the beach is about to crash. They have dishes you wouldn’t make on your own, and there’s no shame in that. Western Omelets. Red Velvet Waffles. We’re talking about masterworks, created and served up for you in the comfort of your condo.


TRY THIS: Stay in for movie night at Breakers with a grand feast of breakfast for dinner.

Papas Dining Room

Come Stay and Play at Breakers Resort

All you desire in a getaway is here, at Breakers Resort. You could spend an entire vacation on-site, with the amenities and proximity to fun here. Everything from the shower to the kitchen to the beach access is top-notch.

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