Coming Soon to Myrtle Beach: A New Surf Pool

Have you heard the gnarly news, bro?

A surf facility, Surfworks Adventure Park, will soon be in Myrtle Beach. American Surf Parks is bringing pretty heavy technology for this new attraction, and this stuff is already in use, at URBNSurf Melbourne and The Wave in England.

It’s called Wavegarden Cove technology. It’s producing some rad waves, unlike any man-made ones before. More waves per hour. Bigger, stronger waves. It’s the next big thing and the best alternative to natural waves found only in certain parts of the world.

The estimated opening for Surfworks Adventure Park is 2022.

What You Should Know About Surfworks Adventure Parks

1. It’ll be More Than a Surf Park

Other features of the facility will include:

– Amphitheater,

– Bars

– Carver skate park

– Pools

– Restaurants

– Rockclimbing walls

– Shops

People eating at the surf park

… and more. Everyone can have a good time around the lagoon. You’ll find open-air seating and awesome views. There’ll be an onsite brewery and a two-story cantina. You could spend an entire day with even more amenities and attractions, such as:

– Bungalow rentals (36 units)

– Carver skate park

– Free solo water climbing

– High diving

– Hot tubs

– Huge slides

– Playground

– Splash pad

– Surf academy

– Surf shop

– Volleyball

People sitting on surfboards learning how to surf

2. The Park Serves a Great Need for Surfers

Myrtle Beach’s residents and visitors share a strong desire to surf. Or, to learn to surf. That’s not easy here, because surf waves don’t often occur on the Grand Strand. A slope to the continental shelf isn’t severe enough to rev up the good waves.

3. The Parent Company Began With Myrtle Beach in its Sights

It all started in 2016 for American Surf Parks. The mission: To see how viable it would be to place a surf park in Myrtle Beach. (Hint: They found it quite viable.) This will be the company’s first facility, but they’re exploring other places for similar developments.

4. Surf Parks Won’t Render Natural Waves Obsolete

Nope. These facilities aren’t designed to replace ocean surfing. They provide a means to surf more often. Some purists object to artificial surfing, as they call it. Others would love to retire to one and ride these man-made waves off into the sunset.

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