All You Ever Wanted to Know About SkyWheel Myrtle Beach

It’s tough to miss, the SkyWheel.

Even by day, it spins its way into social media images and photographs like the life of the party. By night, it IS the party. Rolling through, colors blazing, gifting amazing views to riders over and over again.

It’s more than a spin-cycle attraction in Myrtle Beach, though.

SkyWheel has a story and some folklore on the Grand Strand. Complete with stories and fun facts. So let’s get to a few. First …

SkyWheel Myrtle Beach View

What is SkyWheel?

This marvel of modern man is not a simple carnival novelty — it’s a safe observation wheel extending 200 feet in the air, a smidge taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. SkyWheel features enclosed glass gondolas to give riders the full view of the Grand Strand. Guests get three or four revolutions in climate-controlled, spectacular comfort.

The History

2010: The then-new Myrtle Beach boardwalk played a role in SkyWheel coming to the Grand Strand. The boardwalk’s northern end is near the site, close to Plyer Park. Developers destroyed The Golden Villas motel for SkyWheel’s construction site.

  • The Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation first mentioned SkyWheel in a meeting. The Learning Channel planned a show about it and placed a camera at a nearby bungee attraction. Construction began in December of that year.

2021: SkyWheel closed in January for renovations. It was shipped to Wichita, Kans., in preparation for the 10th-anniversary celebration. They upgraded with new floors, seats, a logo, and lights on the center globe.

Skywheel and Landshark

Fun Facts About SkyWheel Myrtle Beach

Did you know …

  • It’s the sixth-tallest Ferris wheel in the U.S? When it opened in 2011, it was second only to the Texas Star in Dallas. And it was the tallest east of the Mississippi River.
  • SkyWheel is an R60 Giant Wheel, which Ronald Bussink Professional Rides designed. Chance Morgan manufactured it, much like Niagara SkyWheel and Seattle Great Wheel. SkyWheel Myrtle Beach is slightly taller than Niagara’s and Seattle’s.
  • SkyWheel has 42 gondolas, each in a ballooned-out square shape, big enough for six riders each? During high-wind conditions, operators must remove all gondolas from the wheel. This takes 8-10 hours!
  • SkyWheel’s steel frame came from St. Louis, and the gondolas from Switzerland? The wheel is on a deck 20 feet above sea level to protect it in case of a hurricane storm surge in the area. Landshark Bar & Grill opened on-site the same day as the wheel.
SkyWheel Myrtle Beach

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