Sports Teams & Families

We invite your team to join our team this year! Located in right in the heart of Myrtle Beach, The Breakers Resort has been a highly-demanded property for traveling sports teams for many years! The kids say it’s their favorite place! An abundance of amenities and services await parents, coaches and athletes ready to show you how we can turn this trip into a winning mini vacation. You’ll experience a nutritious breakfast buffet designed for your team of champions at the newly renovated Papa’s Restaurant. Reward your athletes with unlimited DVD rentals or a visit to The Mist Spa located on one of our sister properties for pre-or post-tournament sports massage services. With our abundance of on-site amenities and services, post tournament fun will have the team relaxed and focused for the big game day ahead!


Rest easy for that big game or tournament at The Breakers Resort this year and know that everything you will need on your stay is right at your fingertips. Our comfortable beds and rejuvenating ocean views are what will naturally benefit your performance in the field or on the court!

Explore the Resort

We all know breakfast is a vital part of an athlete’s day. Have your team join our team at Papa’s Restaurant  for a delicious breakfast buffet to fuel up for a big day of winning! The Breakers Resort offers the best on-site amenities and attractions to keep your athletes entertained and rejuvenated in their down time. After a long day of competition come back to your home away from home to loosen up those muscles in one of our many hot tubs or with a massage from The Mist Spa at our sister property!

Around Town

We want you to spend more time exploring than driving so The Breakers Resort was built right in the heart of Myrtle Beach, SC allowing you access to many wonderful restaurants and attractions with-in walking distance! Spend as much time as you would like taking a stroll down the boardwalk and dining on the oceanfront knowing your resort is only a few steps away.

Sport Massage Services

There is no extra charge for pampering a team; there is actually a special discounted rate! Whether it’s before the big game or after- massages are the perfect addition to any traveling competition for athletes, parents and coaches! Located on one of our sister properties just minutes down the road, you can enjoy all of the discounted benefits. Your muscles will thank you!

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