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Winter Rentals at Breakers Myrtle Beach Resort

Here at The Breakers Resort, we get to know a lot of our guests. Many of them return year after year, but there’s one group that we get to know very well, our winter snowbirds! The best part about our snowbird community, who come to The Breakers to stay on our winter rental program, is not just how we get to know them and consider them family, it’s how much they enjoy getting to know each other and creating a community!

“They all know each other,” said Jon Peels of The Breakers. “There’s a large group, and they all have a good time together.” The community aspect of the winter renters makes The Breakers into a true home away from home!

“The majority of the winter renters come in January and February,” Peels said. Once the snowbirds have arrived, there will be regular activities and fun for all. Regular activities include BINGO, trivia night, golf outings, shuffleboard tournaments and card game nights. 

“One fun thing we’ll do is a potluck dinner and cooking demo. Everyone can bring in a dish, and we’ll get together and eat and do a cooking demo with our chef. People really like that one,” Peels said.

Our winter rental program is offered Nov. 1 and runs through the end of March. To qualify, you must stay a minimum of 28 days, and in exchange for your extended stay, you’ll get large discounts. For renters who stay 91 days or longer, you won’t even have to pay hotel tax! In addition to the room discounts, long-term winter renters receive a food and beverage discount card which will give you a sizable discount on breakfast at Papas as well as a discount on food at The Red Parrot. 

For more information about winter rentals at The Breakers Resort, call: 877-755-4426.