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Top Tunes that Make Summer More Epic

Summertime: It’s all about the beach, a great tan, and your favorite song of the summer! The fact is, the songs we love in the summertime will remind us of our favorite summers for the rest of our lives.

In honor of another epic summer in Myrtle Beach, we’ve collected a few favorite summer tunes, old and new.

Oldie but a Goodie:

Summer in the City
The Lovin’ Spoonful

This song, a number one hit in 1966, captures the glory of summer while contrasting it with the downside: Being stuck in the city. “All around, people looking half dead / Walking on the sidewalk hotter than a match head.” We love the song, but we think The Lovin Spoonful just needed a good trip to the beach.

Honorable Mention

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

Remember when Will Smith was a musician? And we called him The Fresh Prince? Yeah, we do. And this song was the summer jam back then … way back in 1991. The smell from a grill, double-dutch, basketball, checking out the ladies and the running man. Pretty much perfect.

Top Song of Summer 2013 Nominee Number One:

Get Lucky
Daft Punk

Reminiscent of the best music of the Disco Era, this track off the duo’s latest album, “Random Access Memories,” has the dance-ability that makes it a major contender to be the song of summer 2013. If only there was an actual music video for it—we have yet to see one, but we love the soul train mashup (linked above).

Top Song of Summer 2013 Nominee Number Two:

Blurred Lines
T.I., Pharrell
This is another totally danceable song that just gets stuck in your head—a classic summertime earworm, despite the rhyming problems (and despite an uninspired video that relies more on partial nudity than on it needs to). Honestly, this is what we were hoping we’d hear on the new Justin Timberlake album (sorry, J.T.)

What do you think? What’s your nomination for the best summer song—of this year or any year? What songs remind you of Myrtle Beach?