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Employee of the Month - Debra Galligan

Employee of the Month – Debra Galligan, The Breakers Resort

Debra Galligan is the Director of Sales and Catering at the Breakers Resort.  She has been with the company for over 5 years and truly loves what she does.  She started out at the front desk and after about 7 months was promoted to the sales office as a coordinator.  After doing that for about 2.5 years, she then moved back to the front desk as the front desk manager.  She enjoyed every minute there because of the interaction she had with the guests on a daily basis.  The best part of being at the front desk is that it is the information center.  You will learn everything about the resort while at the front desk.  The opportunity came by for Debra to then move back to the sales office as Director of Sales, which she is very excited that she took.  She loves planning events, meeting and special occasions for the guests.  She wants to make the planning of their trip easy and fun.  She knows once they get to the Breakers Resort that they will be taken car of by the exceptional group of staff that work here.  From the housekeeping staff, to maintenance staff to all of the resort staff, Debra believes they have the “Best staff on the Beach”.  That is one of the reasons she loves working there.

The Sales Staff at the Breakers Resort will handle any groups with 10 rooms or more. Along with handling the details of the room reservations and group rates, Debra and her team also do the catering and banquet space for family reunions, dinners, meeting and they do a lot of weddings.  Debra likes to think of it as a long term relationship that turns into a friendship with the guests coming back again and again and are loyal customers.

The biggest thing Debra wants to offer her clients is TRUST.  The trust in her team and the Breakers Resort for taking good care of them and making sure that all of their needs, wants and things they didn’t even think about are taken care of before, during and after their stay.  

For more information about the Breakers Resort, whether you are holding an event, booking a large number of rooms or want to book some meeting space, don’t hesitate in calling Debra,  1-888-501-8227.