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Check out The Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach for Live Family Entertainment

If you’ve been to Myrtle Beach, there’s a good chance you’ve been to Broadway at the Beach. It’s one of the top destinations for family fun, with tons of shopping, restaurants and entertainment you won’t find anywhere else.

But have you been to the Palace Theatre? It’s a great place to catch a show the whole family will love!

This grand theatre houses different shows every year. In 2013, you can enjoy a jaw-dropping magic show or a musical revue featuring some of your favorite tunes—and the theater is only a five minute drive from Breakers Resort.

Illusions of Magic is more than just a magic show. Sure, you’ll get sleight of hand, and you’ll marvel as the illusionist saws a woman in half and makes a white Bengal tiger appear out of nowhere (seriously!), but you’ll also enjoy the costumes, the music, the lights and the high-energy dancers!

Hot Jersey Nights is a show that will let you relive some of your favorite music, the tunes of the Four Seasons and Frankie Valli. Maybe you can’t hit the high notes in “Walk Like a Man,” but the amazing singers who star in this show definitely can! Come down and see for yourself, and get ready to walk out humming.

Illusions of Magic runs through Sept. 28 at the theatre, and Hot Jersey Nights’ fall run will be Sept. 3-Oct. 30, with a return for a Christmas spectacular Nov. 1-Dec. 28.

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Posted 7/20/13