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Check out Myrtle Beach’s PGA Tour Superstore for Your Golf & Tennis Needs

Myrtle Beach has often been called the golf capital of the world. We’re talking about a place with more than a hundred golf courses, where millions of rounds are played every year.

Yes, we’re kind of crazy about golf in Myrtle Beach. And if you are too, you shouldn’t miss the PGA Tour Superstore next time you’re here.

There are two locations, one right in Myrtle Beach at 29th Avenue North, across the Highway 17 bypass from Planet Hollywood, which is just about two miles from Breakers Resort. The other location is in North Myrtle Beach, off Highway 17 south of Azalea Sands Golf Course.

No matter which location you chose, you’re basically entering a golf and tennis Mecca. The Myrtle Beach stores, also known as Martin’s PGA Tour Superstores, have nearly 100,000 square feet of golf clubs, golf apparel, golf equipment and tennis gear. “We’re one of the largest golf stores in the country,” said Rick Richard of Martin’s PGA Tour Superstore. “It’s definitely a destination, the breadth and depth of it is pretty much unrivaled by any of our major—or minor—competitors.”

Not only can you buy a vast array of clubs, balls, apparel and racquets, you can also get golf or tennis lessons in the store or get fitted for everything from golf balls to putters, wedges, drivers and irons.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice, intermediate or accomplished, we have technologies available to us and for all those shoppers, men, women and children, where we can fit them into the best equipment for them,” said Richard. “We also have club and racquet repair facilities in our store. We do re-gripping, reshaping, adjusting. It’s generally a 24-hour turnaround time, so that’s plenty of time for someone on vacation.”

And if you’re interested in a club or racquet, you can also demo it while you’re in town. “We have people that will demo golf clubs and tennis racquets. So they can walk in, take two racquets out, play today and tomorrow, then walk back in and return the demo and buy the new racquets and clubs.”

So next time you visit Myrtle Beach, make sure the golfer in your group gets a chance to make a pilgrimage to Martin’s PGA Tour Superstore. Who knows, it could improve your game!

Posted 7/24/13