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Broadway At The Beach’s Beach Rider Jet Boats Attracts Visitors Looking For Something A Bit Daring

Anyone who has been to Myrtle Beach (and, frankly, many who haven’t) is at least somewhat, if not intimately, familiar with its famous Broadway at the Beach complex. An outdoor series of shops, restaurants and attractions laid out around a meandering, manmade lake, Broadway at the Beach is a great way to spend an afternoon, evening or both.

Broadway at the Beach’s constituent locations ring that lake, which is full of catfish that splash and fall all over themselves, clamoring for food pellets that people throw into the water at intervals. But there is also something else in the water…

It’s Beach Rider Jet Boats! One of Broadway at the Beach’s newest attractions, Beach Rider Jet Boats takes guests on a thrilling ride up and down the length of the aforementioned central lake that forms the backbone of Broadway at the Beach. These fire-engine red vessels carry upwards of a dozen life jacket-clad passengers across the ripples with the help of a 410-horsepower Corvette engine and a Jet Drive Pump that expels water through a six-inch nozzle at a rate of up to 60 gallons per second—in other words, with about as much force as a fire hose. Passengers endure 360-degree spins and other nifty maneuvers, courtesy of a team of Coast Guard-certified boat captains.

Beach Rider Jet Boats in Myrtle Beach are designed to carry passengers as young as two years old. Their main outpost is located in front of WonderWorks (a very different and popular Broadway at the Beach attraction) on one of the many footbridges that traverse the boardwalk. For more information, visit their Facebook page at or call (843) 839-2883.