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Big Changes & Renovations Coming to The Breakers Resort This Winter

We’re always striving to keep improving your experience at The Breakers Resort. It’s that commitment to staying fresh, up-to-date, and constantly improving that has kept families returning to The Breakers for decades. This year is no different, and winter is the best time we’ve found to work on the big renovation projects. We’ve already begun a number of projects that will improve your experience here at The Breakers in Myrtle Beach this summer and for many, many summers yet to come. Here are a few highlights:

“The big thing we’re doing is installing pavers throughout the property, as well as between the buildings,” said Jon Peels, Resort Manager of The Breakers Resort. The pavers will run along the pool decks and lawns of all the buildings at The Breakers with the exception of the Boutique tower, which is located a few blocks north of the main buildings. “What you’ll be able to do is, if you’re on a chaise lounge on the Paradise lawn, you’ll be able to look all the way down to the other end of the property,” he said.

In particular, parents with older kids who’d like a little bit of freedom will appreciate this change, as it means you’ll be able to let your kids check out different pools while you stay comfortable, while still being able to maintain a better line of sight.

“We’ll also be working on the beach access as well, we’ll be opening that up so it has a more airy feel, with even better access to the beach,” Jon said.

The Pirates Cove lawn and pool deck area, the most heavily trafficked deck and lawn on the property, will also be getting additional pavers on its lawn. “We have a DJ down there in the summer, and that’s where people really like to hang out and party,” he said. “That lawn took a bit of a beating the last few summers, so we’re just going to clean that up.”

The Palms building’s exterior will get a fresh coat of paint, and all of the pool decks are getting new chaise loungers, umbrellas and tables, including the Breakers Boutique Tower. All buildings will also be getting a bedding upgrade with fresh new pillows.

The Palmetto building’s lobby has already undergone a total renovation, with a fresh new high-end look. “We’ve really gone all out on that one, it’s a really luxurious look in the lobby and the lobby restrooms. You’ve really got to see it to understand how nice it is.”

While work has yet to begin on this project, the materials have been ordered for a full renovation of the bathrooms in every rental unit in the Palmetto, Palms and Pirates Cove buildings. “We’ll be replacing the vanities with all-new granite, we’re putting in fresh new surrounds on the tubs, fresh walls and we’re re-tiling the floors. It’s going to make a big difference if you’ve stayed there before,” he said. The bathroom renovations are expected to be finished by summer.

The fitness room will be upgraded with all-new equipment. “We replaced a few things last year, so the new items will stay, but everything else will be replaced with all new equipment. We’re getting new treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes.”

Another big change that’s coming this year for The Breakers: “We’re going to introduce a complimentary shuttle service. We’ll start in the spring taking people to the airport, and it may grow from there,” Jon said.

In-room wifi has already been upgraded in most of the buildings at The Breakers, and the last two buildings will be finished with the upgrade in the coming weeks. “It should be much easier to get online now,” Jon said. 

With all of these amazing upgrades coming to The Breakers Resort in Myrtle Beach in 2014, you’d better make plans to come see us and check out what’s new!

(posted 1/14/14)