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The Breakers Resort

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Debra Galligan

Meet our employee of the month, Debra Galligan is a key member to the team here at the Breaker's Resort. If you need to plan an event, make sure and visit with her in the Sales and Catering offices.

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My name is Debra Galligan and I am the Director of Sales and Catering here at the Breakers Resort.  I have been working at the Breakers for about 5 years.  Started out at the front desk at the North towner for about 7 months and then went into the sales office as a coordinator was there for about 2.5 years.  Then I was fortunate enough to spend about 1.5 years at the front desk as the front desk manager.   That was quite an experience where I learned a lot about the resort and how things were run.  Then I had an opportunity to come back to the sales office as Director of Sales so here I am.

We handle any groups, larger then 10 rooms with some of them up to hundreds of rooms as well as the catering space. So we do banquets, family reunion dinners, lots and lots of weddings here at the Breakers.  It is more of a relationship - a long term relationship that I get to encounter with these people, they become your friends you know and they have to trust in me too when they are bringing a large group here to the Breakers.

They have to trust that I am going to do the right thing for them.  We have a lot of repeat business people will come back to the Breakers, year after year.  It is good for them to hear a friendly voice.  They say, oh, let's call Debra, not just let's call the Breakers, but let's call Debra so they can get their event planned for the following year. Which is so exciting.

We have a bus tour that comes in every year, they come in from up North and they stay with us every year.  They are hear for about six nights and the bus driver, Dave Bear, is also the coordinator of the event that I have been working with for years.  They are like family you know they come in this week and says to me your one of my two favorite things when coming to the beach.

I believe we have the best team on the beach.  Every area from housekeeping to maintenance to the general manager to the front desk.  I believe in those people so I think that is portrayed to my clients.  When they come here they will have a clean room, well maintained and enjoy their stay and  be greeted at the front desk with friendly faces. "


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